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argodesign’s Jared Ficklin: Welcome to the Slow Traffic Movement

gryphon agency austin media relations pr communications transportationJared Ficklin, partner and creative technologist of argodesign, wrote a contributed article for Co.Design about the future of autonomous vehicles.

Ficklin predicted that in the near future robotic cab rides and cars that park themselves will become a reality, but the largest challenges we face getting there are technology refinements and government regulation.

Ficklin envisions self-driving cars that sync with our smartphones and aggregate data from our calendars and environment to offer us personalized routes to our destinations. He sees autonomous vehicles ushering in safety, convenience, and additional time for productivity and entertainment. Going slower in an automobile becomes a lifestyle choice for riders with benefits that include: fewer crashes, increased productivity, leisure, and sleep, longer lasting cars and roads, more predictable travel outcomes, and less stress. Jared wrote, “We humans like to live in clustered proximity, and we may never be able to entirely engineer our way out of long car trips and teeming highways. But given what we’ll do in our slower, happier confinement, we may not want cars to go away at all. Welcome to the slow traffic movement!”

As we see an increase in autonomous vehicles and driving becomes something requested based on time, location, and rates, individual car ownership may decrease.



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