We tell the stories of entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, and artists who are changing the world.

Gryphon Agency was founded in January 2015 by James Cortese, a communications leader with 16 years of experience running integrated marketing and PR programs. He was previously head of communications at frog, the global product strategy and design firm, and before that was a PR consultant at Edelman for more than a decade.

James brings a lifelong passion for science, technology, and the arts, as well as a drive to help people connect and communicate. He sought to create a new kind of PR firm dedicated to creative people, emerging technologies, and provocative brands.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Gryphon Agency is a global team of marketing and public relations strategists, writers and editors, illustrators, and designers. We share a conviction that PR isn’t transactional; it’s about meaningful relationships—helping a client understand its core audiences, articulate a compelling and authentic position, and develop lasting bonds with media, influencers, partners, and customers.

We understand the value of a clear point of view, so we build audience insights and original content into all of our campaigns. Inspired by journalists, filmmakers, and writers, we work hard to identify the unique perspectives and gripping narratives that will bring a brand to life.